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Our Wedding 16 June 2012
The Couple‚ô•

Wei Wei & Xia Xia

Attached in June 2006
Dated for 6 years & counting
Hitch-ing in June 2012

The Preparation‚ô•

♥ Love Loft
♥ Banquet
♥ Honeymoon
♥ Bridal Package
♥ Rings
♥ Photo Gallery

Blog Credits‚ô•

Layout: Nicole
Codes: Damien and TCC
Images: Tang Guo Wu & Amelia
Materials: Lovelycore
Inspirations: Agnes & Fang Min‚ô•
Hosts: Photobucket(?) & BlogSkins(?)
Behind the scenes!

First of all, please pardon the resolution of the photos! Some were taken with my sony camera (minimal coz it was rather difficult to keep taking pictures when I was the "subject") and mostly with my iphone 4GS.

The pre-wedding shoot took almost 8 hours to finish, including make-up. I started off like an energetic bunny, but it was simply too tiring to keep smiling and acting demure, and I was super duper exhausted by the end of it.  The last stop was at Punggol Park and it ended abruptly coz it started to rain. LOL

Still, I'm thankful that the weather had been kind to us, giving us clear blue sky when we were doing our outdoor shoot and only rained when we were too tired to go on... ^_^

My make-up artist, Vincent, touching up the groom.

My photographer, Samuel, from Chris Ling. Really patient guy, given that we both blinked a lot, and super stiff. Thanks for the hard work!

First shoot in white gown! Sexy hor, it was almost bare back and in the middle front. But hor, this was not really fitting, and I got to use double sided tape! Looked good only for wedding photo album, cannot 出去见人 one... Hee

Waiting for the groom, bored.... =p

Me in yellow evening gown, again only for photo album. Haha

Short dress for outdoor shoot. Finally, something that was not so heavy to put on and can move freely around...

Some of the backdrops from Chris Ling studio... really coolz!

And one of our outdoor shoot site ~ upper seletar reservoir. 

I've chosen this scene as I saw one of the sample wedding photo album with this big tree, which looked very scenic. It was almost not like Singapore. To my surprise, the tree is actually very small in size, and Samuel commented that it was purely photography. Wow,  I cant wait to see the end result after editing..

Do remember this scene and compare it with our wedding album. . =)


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our sweet memory was written @ Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pre shoot today!

We are done with the pre wedding shoot today! Really thankful that the weather has been forgiving on us ^_^


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our sweet memory was written @ Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gown fitting for Pre-Wedding Shoot!

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our sweet memory was written @ Sunday, December 25, 2011

Cute Ang Baos!

Saw these Hello Kitty wedding ang baos and cant resist buying! Max cute or not? =p

I shall give these to my helpers for my wedding!


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our sweet memory was written @ Friday, December 23, 2011

Bridal Package - Part 1

The next thing we did after booking the wedding banquet was to settle the bridal package. 

We went to designer brands such as Bridal Veil and Amanda Lim. Omg, just the gown (made to measure) itself without any pre-wedding shoot will cost about $4K to $5K. However, I would say the price is worthwhile if you are looking for personalized experience. The service is impressive, after comparing to that of  Z-Wedding, the one that I was kenak "conned" into.

Because the branded bridal studios are way too expensive for me, I decided to just get the normal bridal package (ie. off the rack gowns) because I simply cannot overcome myself to spend so much on something that I will only wear in 2 occasions (pre-wedding shoot & actual day). Anyway, we ended up buying the package from the first bridal studio that we went, which was Z-Wedding. 

If you ask me whether I will recommend Z-Wedding, the answer is no. I think all the bridal packages are somewhat similar despite of what they represent to you in the sale talk, so given a choice, I would just choose the cheapest I can find.

Needless to say, Z-Wedding is not the cheapest. I paid $3688 for the premium package which include pre-wedding shoot by Chris Ling studio (I have no doubt that I will not get Chris Ling himself as my photographer given the price I paid), but the pre-shoot only consists of 28 photos. Each additional photos will cost about $115 each. Insane pricing, broad daylight robbery. >.<

The first fitting to choose the gowns for the pre-wedding shoot was not a good experience. The staff assigned to me was not familiar of the range available. She simply made me tried the same style over & over again. My frens with me needed to comb through the rack to help me find different style such as halter top, off shoulder etc.

Night shoot is only available with additional charges. This was not mentioned at the time when we signed up the package. In fact, the auntie suggested to us to take our pre-wedding shoot in December as there will be Xmas lighting. Did she expect me to take Xmas lighting in broad daylight? Otherwise, she should say upfront that we will need to pay extra for night scenes.

During the sale talk, the auntie also "nicely" offered to upgrade our package to the premium package FOC, which would mean that I can choose any gowns available from the classic range to the premium ones. However, only during the fitting then I was told that I can only choose the classic range (damn limited range lor) for pre-wedding shoot, as it include outdoor shoot.

All in all, there were a lot of mix-match in what we had been told in the sale talk and what was given. Felt kinda cheated in some way but I guess partly our own fault for making hasty decision without doing enuff "homework". *Shrugged*

For those looking for bridal package currently, my advice is just to go for the cheapest and make sure all items that you negotiate for (e.g night shoot, father's jackets, kwa ) are written down black & white before you sign the deal.

Do make a point to look at the gowns available for selection before putting your deposit. In my case, I was only shown the photo albums which was mostly of the premium range. The premium range is super pretty as seen in the Z-wedding website. Little did I know that I will need to top up if I want to do the same. Haiz...

After much "reflection", the following are the killer strikes that resulted us kenak "conned" despite that we are clever:

1) Pretty gowns from the premium range in the website & sample photo albums
2) Free upgrade from the classic range to premium range
3) Pre-wedding shoot from Chris Ling


Nevermind, no point sulking over this. Since we have signed up for this package, we just hope everything turns out well. In any case, I have another bridal package in Taiwan. =p

And... we are going for the pre-wedding shoot next tuesday! I really hope that it's a bright & sunny day! Do pray for us, ya? ^__^


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our sweet memory was written @ Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Honeymoon - Part 1

We are going to Switzerland & Italy for honeymoon, a freaking 3 week long trip!! Woo hoo! 

Even though this is not our first overseas trip together, I'm still very excited about the trip coz I have always wanted to go Switzerland. I love scenic places more than cities.

Guess what? We have already booked our air-tickets ^_^

Guess what again? We paid $900+ (including taxes) each for a SQ flight to Switzerland and Qatar flight back to Singapore. Never heard of Qatar? Then you are super out-dated! It is the best airline in Year 2011

Actually I also dunno Qatar airlines lah. To make myself more comfortable with it, I do a search on the airline and WA-LA, it's the best airline! Heng lor... keke


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our sweet memory was written @ Monday, December 19, 2011

Banquet - Part 2

When there's no other way to negotiate for lower pricing, the other alternative is to "seek comfort" from freebies!! This is called in hokkien saying ~  "No prawn, fish is also good". And I think the fish in this saying is probably those tiny silver fishes, and not grouper etc hor. =p

Freebies to negotiate:

1) Food tasting ( to my horror, this is not a standard item in the package for quite a few hotels that we went lor)

2) More carpark coupons

3) Wine/ beer

4) Anniversary night stay in the hotel for the next year

5) Day room (this is compliment room for your helpers to groom themselves before the banquet, in addition to the standard bridal room. Note most of the hotels do not provide this)

There could be more stuff to ask for, but I'm inexperience! So that's all I can think of, most of the items (e.g. room credit, ang bao box, wedding cards) are given by the hotel without me asking. Dun tell me if there are more items to ask for, I refuse to listen! =p


A "sneak preview" of the menu!

1) Appetizer (smoked duck / prawn salad / wu-xiang / spring roll / mini octopus)
2) Braised Shark's Fin with Fresh Crabmeat
3) Roasted Chicken with Cracker
4) Fish in Garlic Sauce
5) Scallops with Mashed Taro
6) Vege with Lingzhi Mushroom
7) "Ee-Fu" Noodles
8) Yam Paste

We have not yet given our choices, so these are just tentative selection. Let me know if you know that any of the dishes above are not so nice, so that I can choose another one!

Will be going for food-tasting in April/May 2012, we manage to get food-tasting for 10 pax so it will be like a family meal. Not bad huh?

Next, we need to decide on the theme of the banquet.


 Pink Grandeur

Cant really make up our mind now on which theme to select. The top choice is the Fairytale theme but I find it a bit too white. I'm rather a pink person, then again Pink Grandeur seems kinda oriental. Argh, really dunno which to decide! Haha, sometimes choices can be such a headache.


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our sweet memory was written @

Banquet - Part 1

Looking for a banquet venue was such a headache!

It was another big investment, and we definitely wanted to make every dollar spent worthwhile. Few factors for those who are preparing their wedding as well:

1) Venue ( ulu places mean possibilities of your invited guests "putting aeroplanes")
2) The minimum & maximum tables that the ballroom can accommodate ( to do this, you must have an estimation of your guest list)
3) Solemnization area ( some hotels charge extra if you want to hold it at their poolside etc)
4) Layout of the ballroom (preferably pillar-less)
5) Price
6) Food ( personally, I prefer food from chinese resturant in the hotel)
7) Any other additional charges

We finally decided on Hotel Intercontinental as it more or less fulfill all the six factors:

1) Accessible by MRT - Bugis station, next to Bugis Junction


2) Accommodate a minimum of 27 tables for luncheon

Yup, we are having a wedding luncheon! My beloved guests, please dun turn up at wrong time ah!! =p

We wanted to keep it small as a cozy event. However, it is kinda difficult as relatives alone, we will have about 10+ tables! Places like Mandarin Oriental, Goodwood Park, Fullerton Hotel are either too small or too big for us.

We were really glad that Hotel Intercontinental can allow a minimum of 27 tables despite that it is actually a very big ballroom.  In fact, we didnt wait long to confirm the booking.

3) Solemnization will be held at the foyer area outside the ballroom. We will have the whole area to ourselves! Hey, talk about exclusive huh?

Another point to note, you may want to avoid hotels with more than 1 ballroom in the same area to avoid confusion by your guests.

4) It's a rectangular layout with no pillar. Prefect! No blocked view.

5) Slightly more than our budgeted amount, but I guess it's okay.

6) Food will be from "Man Fu Yuan", the chinese resturant at Level 1. There's only 7 items in the menu, so we topped up a bit for additional 1 dish to make it 8 items. 8 dishes sound nicer mah.. =p 


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our sweet memory was written @ Saturday, December 17, 2011

Our Love Loft

We bought our first BIG purchase in Oct 2010.

It's "growing" well now. (^_^)V

Last week, I went to take a look at it, the groundwork was done and the first level is up. Hopefully, we will be able to get our keys in early 2013.

A "sneak preview" of our future home ~ pictures I took at the showflat.

The Model

Living room + tiny dining room

Close up of living room

Open concept kitchen

I think the kitchen is nice, and comes with an oven!

Bedroom 1

Common bathroom

The toilets are ridiculously big, wished that more space is allocated to the bedrooms though. Oh well, I suppose since the toilets are big, we should spend more time in them to make it worthwhile? Hmm.. *Frowned*

Bedroom 2

Another view of Bedroom 2

Studio Bedroom

The super big bedroom that comes with its own toilet & mini kitchen. People who are interested to rent it, please contact me! But hor, you must wait for 2 years! Keke

Utility room


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our sweet memory was written @ Wednesday, December 14, 2011

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